[most recent writing: "Progress and Execution," at Public Books]

I research and write about American criminal law (mostly), from both a historical and present-day perspective. As of fall 2014 I will be based at the University of Pennsylvania Law School as a George Sharswood Fellow. I am also a PhD candidate in the History Department at Stanford University and earned a JD from Stanford Law School. During law school, I interned at federal and state public defender’s offices. Before law school, I worked in the nonprofit/arts world. My bachelor’s degree is in history from Princeton University. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.

From 2009-12, I ran the Prison Law Blog. Nowadays, you can find me on Twitter @saramayeux or email me at sara at saramayeux dot org.

Disclaimer: If you found this site by Googling “Sara Mayeux,” you should know that there are a few other Sara Mayeuxs in the world and I may not be the person you are looking for. Conversely if you are looking for me, I’m not those other people who have my name. As for me, I’m a California-based reader/writer, Georgia-raised, with roots in Louisiana and New York. My family loves college football more than I love Veronica Mars, and vice versa.